At Thayimane, ours is a holistic approach that not only provides a safe, happy haven for our children with basic clothing and food but also ensures each child receives quality education, well rounded physical development and emotional support.

All children attend schools that impart quality English medium education compliant to Karnataka State board. To supplement their school education, additional tutoring’s, science and computer classes, spoken English training etc is provided. They are taught recreational activities like music, dance and instrument classes on regular basis to ensure their co-curricular development.

To ensure good physical development, Thayi Mane children are taught yoga, gymnastics, football, cross country race etc. regularly as part of their sports and physical fitness regimen. Our children have presented dance and gymnastics performances to large audiences and also participate in 5/10km walkathon/marathons, cycling races, football matches, yoga demonstrations. In addition to being appreciated for their performance in these events, they are almost always appreciated for their behavior, communication skills and presentation. All these activities have been enabled under the guidance of coaches and mentors from Thayi Mane Sports Academy.

In addition to the above, regular health checkups with annual medical, dental and eye checkups are conducted for all the children and regular follow-ups, nutritional supplements etc are provided for children who need them.

Counseling and a strong social support system of volunteers and well wishers also ensure that our children receive emotional support to face their trying circumstances. Children are exposed to a strong value system through example, in their daily life experiences.

From time to time special workshops are arranged for the development of the children such as meditation workshops, special craft workshops such as jewelry making, block printing, tailoring etc, personal finance basics for the older children etc. In addition to their academic curriculum, we are presently working towards skill development of the children such as handmade crafts, block printing, tailoring, gardening, computer skills.

Children are taken on trips to various places every year and some of them also get the opportunity to attend various camps. Some of the places where our children have been taken in the last few years include such as Viswesaraiah Science museum, Lal Bagh, Banerghatta National Park, Mysore Palace, Mysore Zoo, Wonderla, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium etc. Additionally every year, a 10 day camp is held at Thayi Mane for government school children of surrounding areas. The camp conducts activities in vaious areas such as story telling, music, dance, painting, yoga, sports, vedic maths, quiz, knowledge of science, debates etc. This gives an opportunity for our children to intermingle with children from surrounding areas and also gives them a sense of pride to welcome their friends to their home.

Just like in any family, all major festivals and national events are celebrated at our home with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. Our annual function is a colourful gala of dance and songs and is organized and managed by our children. Each child is involved in the celebration in some way, big or small and the experience of organizing this function helps them to develop leadership skills. Eminent personalities from various spheres come and give talks to our children to help motivate them and also expose them to various aspects of todays world.

Our Children

At present Thayi Mane houses 116 children ages 6-18, spanning classes 1-12. Children of class 1-7 attend Lakshya Public School, a school for the underprivileged that is run by the same parent trust. Children class 8-12 attend external schools. Additionally there are 7 college students who also reside at the home. The college students are pursuing variety of courses including B.E., LLB, BCom, BSc etc.

From 2007 until now, Thayi Mane has provided a home and education opportunities for more than 100 children. We support our children all through their education journey and also provide support towards employment opportunities whenever possible. Most of our alumni are suitably employed or pursuing specialized education, jobs in the finance sector, pursuing CA, preparing for public service exams, running their small businesses such as a tailoring shop, solar servicing etc