Welcome to Lakshya Public School

Lakshya Public School was established in 2015 with a vision to provide equal opportunities in education for children across all socio-economic background. The school was born out of necessity to provide our children in Thayi Mane with quality education steeped in morals and having a strong curriculum. As we have expanded from that simple philosophy we have embraced children outside of Thayi Mane from different social backgrounds. We have a strong faculty of 20 teachers and counsellors on hand. We have faculty members who specialise in differentiated teaching in classroom. Student appreciation is the foundation of our learning. Our teachers are extremely empathetic, a quality that is crucial for the nurturing and blossoming of this diverse group of children. We strongly believe our children will make a difference and pay forward the values they have learned. We dream of a better world, so do our children.