Thayi Mane is housed in a small building in Mullur Village in the midst of a well established neighborhood. The children, in addition to being brought up as a family, are also taught civic values so that they can live amicably with the neighboring community.

Thayimane resident mothers take care of the children under able supervision and guidance of Smt Jyothi who is one of the trustees, besides providing physical, psychological, educational, emotional and spiritual guidance and a loving environment to grow and mature.

We serve breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner for our children. We provide clean, nutritious, balanced food with all grains, vegetables, malt drink and egg (once a week). Nutritional supplements are also provided on a case by case basis, as prescribed by the physician.

In Thayi Mane, the boys and girls are housed in separate dormitories. Each room houses about 8-10 children. Each room is furnished with multiple bunker beds and a cot with a drawer is provided to each child. Separate, clean toilets and bath stalls are provided to the children.

In addition there is a common dining hall which also doubles as a prayer hall and a evening study hall for the children. This hall also provides space for dance and music classes for our children.

The campus includes a small garden which is cultivated and maintained by the children themselves. The garden is setup with drip irrigation system, composting facilities also – our attempt to make our children eco conscious. The whole campus also employs rain water harvesting to reduce our external water dependency. Our children have been completely involved in planning and implementing these ecofriendly measures in their own garden.

There is a large playground with childrens swings, seesaws etc for children to play. Football goal posts, racing tracks etc are all available in the same, for the sports coaching of the children.

There is a neatly organized library with a variety of books in English and Kannada and a computer room with a few desktops for the children to learn basic computer skills.

There is a sick room and a on call doctor for any untoward medical emergencies.